Mental Health Assistance

How do you determine if you or your family needs to pursue counseling?

....Making the decision to meet with a Mental Health Professional (MHP) such as a therapist or counselor can be a difficult decision for anyone to make. If you are entertaining the idea of meeting with a MHP, it is more than likely a good time to contemplate your current situation. You may be considering meeting a MHP by yourself, with your partner, or other family members. Either way, improving emotional and mental health can be beneficial to individuals, couples, and families.....more

What type of Support Professional can I see?

 ....There are a wide variety of people in helping professions, and the differences can be confusing for someone who is looking for support. In general, psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers are required to be licensed at the state level. Therapists and counselors are usually licensed, although it is not a requirement. Alternative health care-providers are not licensed by the state, but may be regulated. Ask questions if you are not sure, such as “What license do you hold and what board regulates that?” Providers will also expect you to ask about insurance coverage, therapeutic approaches, and services offered. Feel free to ask a lot of questions....more