Fee Based Services 2009-2010

Organizational Objective:
LEFSN will provide services and resources designed to strengthen law enforcement agencies, officers and families.

  1. Provide a resource rich website that is aligned with our ‘What Families Need to Know’ and ‘Department Best Practices’ documents that includes; Mental Health topics and referral information, Parenting Education, Learning Center modules on a range of topics and Resources and Links.
  2. Provide Customized training on a range of topics.
  3. Provide Consultation to support departments to; Initiate Family Academies, Design Officer Mentoring Programs Launch a Key Family Member program (provide a low cost, sustainable, structured family to family support system) Expand or refine department/district/office level family support and resources.
  4. Provide a web site host for family support information from a variety of departments, offices and districts and designing web based Family Academy modules from department materials. Posting & hosting is available via our website.
  5. We are available for conference presentations and seminars on topics related to Law Enforcement Family Support.

Law Enforcement Family Support Network Fee Based Services Rates:
Consulting services begin at $150.00 per hour.

Training rates:

      (Miles x .58) + (Number Attending times x )  + (Length of training)
                                      x = 10 for Up to 50                  100 for 1/2 day
                                      x = 8 for 51 and above            200 for Full day

All travel, lodging and food costs are the responsibility of the host organization.