The Law Enforcement Family Support Network (LEFSN) was formed to support law enforcement and their families. Law enforcement is a very stressful occupation, and it takes a toll not just on officers but on all agency employees and their families. The statistics show higher divorce, suicide, and mortality rates for people in this profession, but research also shows families can have a huge impact on those outcomes. LEFSN is working to provide training and resources to law enforcement and their families to increase resiliency and strengthen interpersonal support. We are working to bring down those statistics by helping to build healthy families. We provide outreach and education to agencies and individuals as a non-profit organization to make law enforcement healthier. If you would be interested in joining us either as a board member or a general member (vetting resources, providing education and doing presentations, research, social media), please contact us through our website Help us keep you and your officer on the beat!

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We advocate for intentional family education & support as a strategy and designed to improve the overall health and wellness of officers and their law enforcement families.

LEFSN is committed to providing emotional support, education, quality resources,and connections for law enforcement officers and their family members. We seek to maximize current law enforcement family directed outreach efforts, address gaps, and join regional partners to address the full scope of issues that impact “families behind the badge.”

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